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Desktop Frozen Yogurt Machine with Pre-cooling Capacity 40 Liters/hour ICM-K11
Item ID #ICM-K11
Refrigerant: |R22|
List Price: $3460.00HK$26850.64
Price: $1293.00HK$10034.07
Quantity: Unit(s)
Desktop Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Machine with Pre-cooling system for Frozen Yogurt Capacity 40 Liters/hour ICM-K11

With Pre-cooling System(Separate Hopper Refrigeration) for Frozen Yogurt mix storage at hoppers.
With automatic counter for how many pcs ice ceam cones/cups sold.
Black colors elegant appearance, humanized design, graceful stainless steel body.
High Capacity 35~40liters/hour output with three flavors: Two separate flavors + One twist flavor.
With self-cleaning button for automatic clean.
User-friendly digital control panel, automatic control, failure alarms.
With Panasonic compressor, high efficiency and excellent performance.
Air-cooled condenser 100% copper pipe, high efficiency.
Hardness adjustment with "+" and "-" keys.
CE approval, quality assurance.
Technical Details 

Capacity 35~40  liters/h
Power 2.8KW
Voltage Frequency 220V/50Hz
Refrigerant R22
Dimension 518x740x780mm
Packing Dimension 630x835x1070mm

1. Air pump
2. Rainbow jam system
220V/60Hz, for countries, such as Saudi Arabia
4. 110V/60HZ for countries, such as USA and Canada
5. R404a refrigerant (more environmentally friendly than R22)
6. Pre-cooling system(separate hopper refrigeration)
p.s: options need add extra costs.

Spare Parts
Besides the machines, Aspirecool.com also offer customers all wearable spare parts of the ice cream machine. Customers no need worry about the spare parts, unlike other suppliers that are hard to get wearable parts when needed. 

For making Frozen Yogurt, please pay attention: 
Yogurt probiotics require a low temperature when the mix storage at hoppers. The conventional soft serve machines without pre-cooling system can't do this job good.  For frozen yogurt making, the ice cream machine need add separate hopper refrigeration, and higher refrigeration capacity is better.   If some one tells you their machine is good at frozen yogurt making but actually without Separate Hopper Refrigeration, what they said it's NOT TRUE. 

Magic Modelling Caps 3kinds will come with the machine for FREE!!