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Stand-up Rainbow Ice Cream Machine 52~55 liters/hour ICLR52
Item ID #ICLR52
Refrigerant: |R22|
List Price: $3750.00HK$29101.12
Price: $1947.00HK$15109.30
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Stand-up Rainbow Ice Cream Machine 52~55 liters/hour ICLR52

With rainbow jam system for rainbow ice cream making, Two flavors jam.
Automatic counter for how many pcs ice ceam cones/cups sold.
Capacity 52~55liters/hour output with three flavors: Two separate flavors + One twist flavor
With self-cleaning button for automatic clean.
Gorgeous purple colors and orange colors appearance, two colored schemes for selection, humanized design.
User-friendly digital control panel, automatic control, failure alarms.
Use Mitsubish technical compressor, with excellent performance and lower failure.
Air-cooled condenser 100% copper pipe, high efficiency.
Hardness adjustment with soft and hard keys.
CE approval, quality assurance.


Technical Details  
Capacity 52~55 liters/h
Power 4.7KW
Voltage Frequency ~380V/50Hz 
three-phase power
Refrigerant R22
Dimension 610*780*1480mm
Packing Dimension 680*830*1580mm
1. Air pump
2. Stainess steel body
3. 220V/60Hz specification

4. R404a refrigerant (more environmentally friendly than R22)
5. Pre-cooling system(separate hopper refrigeration)
p.s: options need add extra costs.

Spare Parts
Besides the machines, Aspirecool.com also offer customers all wearable spare parts of the ice cream machine. Customers no need worry about the spare parts, unlike other suppliers that are hard to get wearable parts when needed.

Rainbow Ice Cream Machine
Natural normal juice spiral with icecream to form delicious rainbow icecream with colorful and shining taste.
Infuse another juice into icecream.Three flavor are combined in one ice cream harmony. Attractive flavor dancing on yout tongue tip, boom on your lip.You cannot resist its charming, rainbow ice cream.
Dynamic ice cream:  Add different juice and chocolate to icecrem to form its figure with shining color, like a beautiful girl you cannot forget.
Extraordinary: Rainbow ice crem mix fresh and cool flavor of ice cream and special flavor of Juice. Delicious cannot expressed by words that so much flavor infuse in one ice cream.
Multi-flavor Charm: Chocolate, strawberry, mocha, orange, blueberry and so on.

Cater to different customers' flavor, fresh every day with different taste. Cross your mind when you pass by, and cross your mind to pass by, that is charisma of rainbow ice cream.The secret of rainbow ice cream machine: only icrease 5% cost but raise up 70% sales price, and gain 160% sales amount. The market is impressive and amazing profit.