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Duoble Heads Slush Machine Juice Slush Dispenser 15L*2
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Duoble Heads Slush Machine Juice Slush Dispenser 15L*2

Low noise level,30~45 minute fast freezing
Digital intelligent controller, it's easy to operate
Mixing power is powerful, it is propitious to freeze concentrated fruit juice, even juice with pulp.
Imported compressor with high quality and good performance
It's suitable for restaurants, hotels, inns, bars,drink shops, schools etc.
0,I,II,III,IV, 5 levels regulator for Hardness and Softness Levels of Juice Slush adjusting.
Technical Details 
Model No: XRJ15L*2
Voltage: 220V~240V / 110V~130V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 0.5KW
Tank Volume: 15L*2
Dimensions: 425*385*740mm
Packing Dimensions: 630*480*850mm
Body Shell: 304#Stainless Steel
Evaporator Shell: Highlighted Stainless Steel

How to Adjust Hardness and Softness Levels of Juice Slush? 
Step 1, Open power switch
Step 2, Open agitating(mixer) switch
Step 3, Open freeze switch
Step 4, Adjust levels knob, there are total 5 levels, 0 level is no freeze, I ~ IV is from lower(soft) level to higher(hard) level. 
1.The percent of sugar content must be higher than 13%, if lower than 13%, it is easy to damage mixers and motor.
2.Juice mixture must be cover evaporator and mixers.